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CR Nosara - Коста-Ріка

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Огляд школи

Опис школи

Situated in the heart of town and just a five minute walk from the pristine white sand beaches of Playa Guiones, the Nosara Spanish Institute offers structured Spanish programs. With small groups, university certified Spanish teachers, and comfortable facilities; we provide everything needed to maximize your learning experience.

We use a communicative teaching methodology, where the main goal is the improvement of the student´s communication skills, encouraging spontaneous and creative use of the language, using real communicative situations and activities that teach Spanish in the way it's actually used in everyday communication.

In addition to high-quality language instruction at the Nosara Spanish Institute with a maximum of six students per class, the town of Nosara also has a lot to offer:
Nosara was founded on the pillars of environmental conservation, wellness, yoga and surfing. For this reason it is a safe and healthy environment. It has abundant natural resources on its beaches, mountains, rivers and waterfalls, in addition to services, including high quality education for all ages, medical facilities, banking, organic food options, etc. All these strengths are getting Nosara positioned as a family destination worldwide.

In nearby Playa Ostional you can enjoy the annual arrival of hundreds of turtles, one of nine beaches in the world where this natural phenomenon occurs. 

National Geographic ranks Nosara as one of the top 10 places to learn to surf (2013) and CNN Travel ranks Nosara as one of the top 13 places to visit in 2013.  The New York Times also listed Nosara as one of the top 43 places to visit in the world (2012).

The Nicoya Peninsula is listed as one of ony five 'blue zones' in the world, where people live measureably longer lives.

Our Team
All instructors at Nosara Spanish Institute must have university degrees in different areas. All have qualification as instructors of Spanish as a Foreign Language and are able to teach all the levels according to the Common European Framework for Languages. The years of experience vary, from 3 years for the instructors with less experience, to 27 years for the most experienced.

All instructors of the Spanish Department are native Spanish speakers. They are also are well travelled and informed, which gives them the perspective of the world needed to generate interest and motivation for the conversations and dynamics that take place in the classes.

All instructors are at least bilingual, and some speak more languages. All staff members can communicate in English.

Опис послуг школи

Our facilities are tucked in the jungle on a quiet street within a one minute walk from nearby shops and restaurants and a five minute walk to the beach.  We offer a modern, clean and comfortable environment that includes air-conditioned classrooms, free wi-fi, student computer and free coffee.


Тип курсів

Загальні та інтенсивні курси
Спеціалізовані курси
Літні та лагерні програми
Групові програми
Індивідуальні курси
Мовне занурення на дому у вчителя
Канікулярні курси для молоді
Курси для літніх людей
Курси для академічних цілей
  Курси для тих, хто у відпустці
Курси ділової мови
Курси плюс (спорт, культура та ін.)
Курси підвищення кваліфікації
Курси підготовки до екзаменів
Підготовчі курси для старшокласників
Підготовчі курси до ВУЗу
Програми для вчителів
Програма Au-Pair
High School

Опис курсів та ціни

Intensive Spanish 20 hours
Spanish Intensive 10 hours

On the first day of school, which will always be a Monday, new students might be asked to arrive at the school between 7:00-8:00 am to complete their Spanish level assessment and to receive orientation about the school, the town, available services, etc. After all level assessments have been completed, the school will be able to provide the final schedule of classes for the week. Students may be asked to start classes right away, at 8:00am, so everyone must come prepared, having had breakfast before. The institute provides free coffee.  For the classes, only a notepad and pen are required.


The school promotes students to get together before or after class for different activities such as surfing, running or hiking, playing soccer, to go dancing, or simply just hanging out watching the sunset, by the pool or at local cafe or bar. The school informs about different free of charge activities that are available in the community such as different lectures, concerts, events, games, festivals, dances, among other.



Студентський будинок
В сім’ї
Вдома у вчителя
  У студмістечку
Курси без проживання

Варіанти проживання


Families are carefully chosen by our director of housing and include families with a long-standing history in the community as well as those families who are active in the community.

We keep detailed records for every member of the family.  Every effort is taken to assure a comfortable and safe environmnet for every student with the opportunity to maximize their language and cultural exposure. All families are screened, visited and monitored year-round by our housing coordinator.

Трансфери з аеропорту/вокзалу

Costa Rica has two international airports, one in Liberia about 100 km away from Nosara and the other one in Alajuela-San José at about 300 km away from Nosara.

Traveling from San José to Nosara
If you fly into San José, you will most likely need to spend a night there, as local transportation schedules and international flight schedules don´t usually match.

By public bus: Buses Alfaro offers transportation to several Guanacaste destinations.  The one direct bus to Nosara leaves San José (from Alfaro Bus Station, in Barrio la Coca Cola, calle 14 between avenida 3 and 5, at 5:00 am sharp). The trip takes about 6 hours and the cost is about $10.
Alfaro also offers several buses each day to the nearest larger city, Nicoya, where it is possible to connect and take a local bus to Nosara.

By plane: Nature Air flies daily to Nosara airport,  www.natureair.com
Shuttle bus or shared taxis can be arranged but availability usually depends on the demand. Please let us know if want help to explore this option.

Traveling from Liberia
Flying into Liberia is by far the best option. A car ride from the airport to Nosara takes about 2 and a half hours.  Transportation on a shared van can be arranged for $50.  Shared transportation leaves Liberia Airport around 2:00 p.m. every day during most of the year. Times may vary according to the number of flights and schedules.

A private shuttle or taxi to Nosara has an approximate cost of $130.

Візова підтримка

Visitors to Costa Rica from the USA, Canada and the UK and Europe can enter the country without a visa. Visitors must carry a passport that is valid for at least six months after the date of arrival and can remain in the country for 30-90 days.
Citizens from all other countries should contact their local consulate to obtain current travel regulations.


Apdo. 115-5233
50 metros al sur de Robin´s Café, Playa Guiones
Nosara, Guanacaste, Nicoya,
Індекс : 50206
Місто : Nosara
Країна : Costa Rica

Website : http://www.maxlanguages.com/nosara-spanish-institute

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