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AR Кордоба - Аргентина

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Hector H.

Додано Hector H.

на Серпень 2009

Hello! I had a fantastic time studying Spanish ... Читати далі

Tine G.

Додано Tine G.

на Серпень 2009

Espanex, in the center of Cordoba city, is a great... Читати далі

Bruno N.

Додано Bruno N.

на Серпень 2009

A experiencia que tive em Cordoba foi incrivel, se... Читати далі


Gral. Paz 100
18fl, ‘A’
Місто : Cordoba
Країна : Argentina

Тел. : +54 0351 4218954
Факс : +54 0351 4218954
Latest student review

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Hector H.

Додано Hector H. (Leeds - United Kingdom)

на Серпень 2009 - United Kingdom


I had a fantastic time studying Spanish in Cordoba with Espanex. I was travelling through Argentina and wanted to improve my Spanish and so, thanks to Sebastien, I was able to take about 10 hours of private classes over a 5 day period. These classes really helped considerably and from then on after in my travels through South America my Spanish improved greatly; all thanks to the well-structured lessons at Espanex.
One of my best memories, not just from Cordoba but from all of my months in South America, was when Sebastien took all of the students (and even my travel friend who wasn't studying Spanishj) to his friend's house in the countryside surrounding Cordoba and treated us to a perfect traditional Argentine Asado! This is a classic example of the family-atmosphere in the school, something you would not get from the larger, and more expensive, Spanish schools in Cordoba. One more thing, Cordoba is a great place to study; there is a realy nice feel to the city, students everywhere and many sites to see inside and outside of the city. Study Spanish with Espanex!

Tine G.

Додано Tine G. (Germany)

на Серпень 2009 - Germany

Espanex, in the center of Cordoba city, is a great school with such a friendly and familiar atmosphere and really good teachers. I had a very funny and interesting time there with a lot of activities around the lessons. Because of the small groups I learned a lot.
Just can advise this language school in Argentina!

Bruno N.

Додано Bruno N. (São Paulo - Brazil)

на Серпень 2009 - Brazil

A experiencia que tive em Cordoba foi incrivel, sempre tive vontade de aprender o espanhol e por uma questão de "poucas informações" e ate falta de conhecimento, eu diria. Buscava sempre alternativas na Espanha, o que infelizmente era muito caro e sempre adiava esse meu sonho.
Um dia buscando pela internet, cheguei ate a Espanex. A primeira coisa que me chamou atenção foram os preços, para realizar esse meu objetivo. Comecei então a pesquisar mais sobre a Argentina e especialmente sobre Cordoba.
Depois de muita busca, fechei com a escola e com a acomodação. Seguindo sempre a ideia de aprender o espanhol e o melhor de tudo, poder pagar esse objetivo.
Por fim para resumir, passei um mes e meio em Cordoba. Tive esperiencias incriveis com as familias e amigos que la fiz.
Tenho 23 anos, fui para Argentina quando tinha 20. Desde de entao, ja retornei 3 vezes ao país para visitar os amigos que fiz la. Sempre que volto fica na casa dos meus "pais" Argentinos.
Amigos, eu falo de coração. Argentina é o que haaaaaaa!!!!!! Barato, bom, mulherada incrivel, argentinos parceiros, rafting, noite, casa de Che Guevara, passeios, jantar nos melhores restaurantes baratissimo..... O lugar e 100 % mesmo..... E totalmente acessivel.... É a Europa Sulamericana.....Naum tem o que dizer.... E loko é o cara que diz que argentino não gosta de brasileiro, ou melhor argentinas .....
É isso ai... Compartilho esse depoimento com vocês porque digo que a experiencia é mesmo muitooooooo Boa e inesquecivel.....
Ahhhh e não posso esquecer.... O principal objetivo, o espanhol.... 1 mes e 15 dias e me rendeu um belo de um emprego, agregando com outras coisas ;-) ...
Boa sorte a todos

Bruno Narciso

Ferry K.

Додано Ferry K. (Mestreech - Netherlands)

на Серпень 2009 - Netherlands

Expanex is great. The classes can totally be adjusted to your needs and demands. Also the activities outside the classroom are great. Seba, the guy who owns the place, will take you out to see the best Cordoba has to offer which is a lot!

Lisa B.

Додано Lisa B. (Stuttgart - Germany)

на Серпень 2009 - Germany

espanex is a great scholl with wonderful teachers. You will learn a lot about the country, the people, the rituals...it was a great time, with a lot of fun!!!

Eliane K.

Додано Eliane K. (Switzerland)

на Серпень 2009 - Switzerland

Hi!I spent a wonderful time in Argentina, one part of it was the visit of the Epanex School in Cordoba.The class are in small groups in my case of 2 to 4 students, so you can benefit a lot and you will make fast advances. In the school there is a good ambiance, they support you im every problem you have with your host family (which I had a very good one) or everything else. Beside the class we made a lot of other things like visiting other towns and museums, going for dinner togehter, going
out like bowling or in clubs for dancing and a lot of other things. So I can only recommend this school, I spent a great time there.

Gabriel P.

Додано Gabriel P. (São Paulo - Brazil)

на Серпень 2009 - Brazil

Hello you all.
Here I have the pleasue to better describe how good was Espanex when I stayed in Argentina for one month. The school provided me all the best support at the moment I arrived in Argentina to the moment I left the Country. I had the chance to study with local teachers, understand their culture by going out to different Cities (City Tour), exploring the night life, staying in a House Family and having students meeting with the School Director - Sebastian. Basically, the best thing was choose Espanex to support me and improve my Spanish during my Trip.

Truxton S.

Додано Truxton S. (Athens, GA - USA)

на Серпень 2009 - USA

I really enjoyed learning Spanish at the school! My Spanish went from nil to to upper intermediate in about eight weeks. I'm living in Quito right now and using my Spanish everyday. My teacher was always helpful, the school itself is nice with a good view over Córdoba, and Sebastian will help you find stuff to do if you´re bored. I stayed with a host family who were wonderful and very helpful. Horseback riding with all the Germans was fun and the asados are amazing! Plus, you get to say "che" and learn to use "vos!" Certainly worth the money.

Jenni H.

Додано Jenni H. (Canada)

на Липень 2009 - Canada

I had a great time at Expanex! I was able to learn alot and really practice the language skills I learnt in class due to the small class sizes. Everyone at the school was really friendly and helpful. A great place to study Spanish!

Ariella R.

Додано Ariella R. (BELO HORIZONTE - Brazil)

на Липень 2009 - Brazil

Tuve una otima experiencia en Espanex. Yo siempre digo que soy sospechosa para hablar de mi experiencia, porque fue increíble para mí. Las clases y las profesoras eran muy buenas, divertidas y objetivas. La familia que mi recibio fue maravillosa, nosotros mantenemos contacto hasta hoy. El director de la escula (Sebastian) estaba siempre preocupado con nuestro bienestar. Córdoba es una hermosa ciudad, viva, yo tuve mucha diversión allí. Fue una experiencia maravillosa para mí, inolvidable!

Michael C.

Додано Michael C. (new york - USA)

на Липень 2009 - USA

My teacher was excellent and the owner, Seba, is super helpful. COrdoba is an awesome place to live and study. I have been there two separate times for multiple months each time.

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