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MT Сліма - Мальта

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  • 4.9167 Star Rating: Recommended
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Andreas T.

Додано Andreas T.

на Січень 2016

Great School, perfect location

Hi, my name is Andy. I was a language student ... Читати далі

Itzi G.

Додано Itzi G.

на Березень 2013


Great experience in Malta and a really good choice... Читати далі

Moktar A.

Додано Moktar A.

на Березень 2013

amizing days from my life

in our life some times we discover things it be s... Читати далі


299 Triq Manwel Dimech
Індекс : SLM 1054
Місто : Sliema
Країна : Malta

Latest student review

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Andreas T.

Додано Andreas T. (Düsseldorf - Germany)

на Січень 2016 - Germany

Great School, perfect location


my name is Andy. I was a language student with "am" in autumn 2015. I stayed with a host family. I really loved the atmosphere in the school. Everyone was young, even the teachers :D :D :D. The level was exactly what I expected and I was able to learn a lot. Also I loved the locations around the school. Very good and cheap coffee (Berry's Café), lots of great food at the Strand (e.g. Cuba Café), an awesome Souvenir boutique close to the school (Prints of wales) and of course the beach at Balluta Bay (I was swimming in october!!!) :D
My overall experience was just great. I would do it again. Thanks am!

Itzi G.

Додано Itzi G. (Pamplona - Spain)

на Березень 2013 - Spain


Great experience in Malta and a really good choice Am Language for improving my English. This is my second time there, and I really recommend it. Good teachers and good leisure activities!

Moktar A.

Додано Moktar A. (dubie - United Arab Emirates)

на Березень 2013 - United Arab Emirates

amizing days from my life

in our life some times we discover things it be so strange for us but when we get chance to test we find it the best experience in our life specially if this experience with place like am school and people like am school staff .
finally : i will advice all hows i will meet in my life to visit this place .
thanks for all there

Sergey S.

Додано Sergey S. (Moscow - Russia)

на Лютий 2013 - Russia

Incredible school and Malta)

I strongly recommend Am language school because the atmosphere is really magic and teachers is really professional) and its cheaper than others. Very nice and thanks staff for all!)
Best regards Sergey.

Naiara M.

Додано Naiara M. (Sliema - Malta)

на Лютий 2013 - Malta

Excellent experience with AM language school!!

I've been there for short time, but the experience was incredible and repeatable. Good atmosphere, good teachers, really nice workers.. Hope to have the possibility to go again! Thanks for all, AM language school! continue with your good work!

Milja B.

Додано Milja B. ()

на Лютий 2013

great experience at am Language Studio!

I sincerely recommend this school.
Taxi transfer was punctual and well-organized.
The self-catered shared apartment accommodation was good.
The staff are pleasant and professional.
Such a great opportunity to meet new people from all around the world.
Free-time activities are great, and there are many to choose from.
Malta and its towns and cities are stunningly beautiful, and so is the nature.

Anna D.

Додано Anna D. (Moscow - Russia)

на Лютий 2013 - Russia

the best choice

I'm so happy that I had a chance to study in Malta, and I couldn't make any better choice then am Language studio. It is not just about good teachers, there is a special atmosphere, interesting people, and so much things to do. Always something happening, no time to get bored. Thank you all for this experience

Zahide S.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Додано Zahide S. (STRASBOURG - France)

на Листопад 2012 - France

Good experience

I was in AM Language School during three months. I can say that quality of education is good.
There are several activities to improve the lives of students during the week and weekend. You will not feel yourself alone when you are in this school.
But I think sometimes it is exaggerated like going to the nightclub during the week. And there is another thing that I cannot pass without saying anything. If you are interested in going to one of the language school in Malta JUST TRY TO FIND ACCOMMODATION BY YOURSELF. Because when you rent an apartment by yourself, BELIEVE ME you will pay two maybe three times less than language schools offer you. Just go visit www.justlanded.com you find a lot offer to rent.
Otherwise, AM Language School can be a good choice for advancing your English. I spent very nice time and had many good friends.

Elena L.

Додано Elena L. (Bryansk - Russia)

на Листопад 2012 - Russia

I'm in love with Malta and AM Language Studio

I Came to Malta 5 times. i studied at the different schools but am Language Studio is definitely my favorite one. This is the place where really care about quality, not quantity. The location is very good, my apartment were just across the road. Th building of the school is amazing, especially cafe on the room with the sea view. There were always smth to do after the lessons, all the time different activities, I've seen so many places and had such a fun with the leaders and other students. I got so many friends! I miss you all guys. Thanks am Language Studio for such a great experience! my English is much better now!

Özge .

Додано Özge . (Sliema - Malta)

на Листопад 2012 - Malta


ı had been here more than 2 months and ı'm still here. ı can see my development process and it's really gread feeling because in Malta, you can do vacation with your education at the same time. coz here weather still great.

Amélie R.

Додано Amélie R. (La Teste - )

на Листопад 2012

Great experience !

I was in AM during 2 months and I've improved English, met a lot of people, saw many beautiful places. The lessons and teachers are very good. I really enjoyed the time there ! Thank you very much

Aleš O.

Додано Aleš O. (Sliema - Malta)

на Листопад 2012 - Malta

Great week

I had only one week course. I wish I could attend it longer. It was a really nice experience. The class and the teacher were great, we had lots of fun. The school stuff and the leisure department really made it an unique experience. I sure recommend this language school to everyone considering Malta!

Marie P.

Додано Marie P. (Sliema - Malta)

на Листопад 2012 - Malta

Good experience

I was in this school during 5 months and I enjoyed the time there. The lessons are really suitable for all the different levels of each student and the activities organised by the school help a lot to know new students and to make them friends.

Olga Z.
  • 1 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 1 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 1 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 1 Star Rating: Recommended

Додано Olga Z. (St Petersburg - Russia)

на Серпень 2012 - Russia

very bad

On the day of my departure the prepaid transfer to airport didn't come, I had to use another taxi. When i came back home I wrote a letter asking school to send me these 20 uero money back, but school just ignores me... Never come back

Anastasiia F.

Додано Anastasiia F. (Moscow - Russia)

на Липень 2012 - Russia

My School

It's my first time at am Language school and I have enjoyed my holidays in Malta. I've improved English saw many beautiful places and meet many interesting people!I was satisfactory about school, accommodation and very good weather!Very friendly team of organizers help us in other situations-I like all of them, thank you very much!!!It's worth to come back)))

Laura P.

Додано Laura P. (El Salvador)

на Квітень 2012 - El Salvador

Great experience!!!

My experience was very satisfactory. I went to learn English for a few months and continue in the country a few months. The atmosphere in the class was very pleasant, very professional teachers, I got my goal, much better language. There were a variety of activities that gave me to meet people of different nationality, have fun and make great friends around the world. I recommend this experience to everyone, go!

David M.

Додано David M. (Spain)

на Березень 2012 - Spain

Lovely holiday

I have enjoyed, I've improved English and now I know lots of people around the world. Good teachers, helpful staff and lots of leisures activities are the perfect combination to be one of most fantastic holiday in your life, Thanks AM to allowed me to live this amazing experince.

Marta G.

Додано Marta G. (Madrid - Spain)

на Березень 2012 - Spain

3 weeks in sliema

Incredible vacation! Relaxing, exciting and surprising! I went with the idea of having a holiday like other I had experienced before and came back having lived an experience not expected. I improved my English thanks to the teachers and the methodology, I also met a lot of new and different kind of people and I enjoyed my free time thanks to the leisure activities which were very well organiced. I can not wait to go back to repeat the experience.

Thessy F.

Додано Thessy F. (Germany)

на Березень 2012 - Germany

I spent two great weeks in Sliema to improve my english. I met many other international students and we had a lot of fun, both in class and in our free time! Living in a shared apartment is the best opportunity to start friendships and exchange experiences! But also the activity program which is offered contributes to an international exchange between the students. While joining different activities, making sightseeing, being invited with friends etc. you totally forget the time!

Mikhail D.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Додано Mikhail D. (Moscow - Russia)

на Березень 2012 - Russia

Join us

I went to this school for 3 weeks. The school is good, staff friendly and always helpful. If you are short term student I recommend to find the intensive course only, general grammar in my opinion is not really necessary. If you are planning to study for 2-3 months, take a General English course. At after school activity you will have the opportunity to expand your horizons and meet new friends from around the world. Malta is a great place for tourism, a lot of old castles and monuments from ancient culture. Also interesting to taste the local cuisine, you can find Maltese, Italian, English food. Do not forget to spend time with benefit.

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